Slenderman's Shadow: Mansion 1.1

Creepy mod that adds some nice surprises

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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To figure out how you feel about Slenderman's Shadow: Mansion, you need to have the background on Slenderman himself. Slenderman is a horror figure that seemed to spring from the collective unconsciousness of the Internet around 2009, and he has been terrorizing the Internet ever since. He is the antagonist of the clever game Slender, and with the Slenderman's Shadow unofficial spin-off series, new maps are added to this experience.

What Is This?

In Slenderman's Shadow: Mansion, you are looking at the eighth installment of the Slenderman's Shadow series. You do not need to have played the previous games to understand this one, but it does help to know a little bit about the Slenderman and the world that he inhabits. Essentially, the game is a quest for you to find all of the items that you are searching for before the Slenderman finds you. You search through the mansion location, trying to find mementos from your childhood as you are hunted through the dark.

As Part of the Slenderman's Shadow Series

This is the first of the Slenderman's Shadow series to have more than one floors, and for people who have played the series, it is worth noting that you are searching for more items than you have been with the other games. It is also notable that this particular map is the best yet from the games. The gloom feels oppressive, and the frights are legitimately scary. This game uses many startle techniques, and the use of sound effects is minimal but effective. If you like a lot of jump out of your seat startle moments, this might be a good game for you to try.


Gameplay is about average for a game of this series. You use your mouse to hunt through the mansion, which is sporadically decorated with Nazi paraphernalia. You can use glowsticks to light your way, but the Slenderman is always hunting you, and when he catches you, the game is over. There is a kind of all or nothing approach to this game, but for the genre and for the scares that the creator is trying to provide, it legitimately works out pretty well.

Who Is Going to Like This Game?

This game is absolutely designed for horror fans who also enjoy the Slenderman. If you are coming at it without the background, it definitely will not be the same kind of fun. However, it must be said that this map is the best that has come out of the series yet, with plenty of atmospheric cues and genuine startles. If you like being scared, and if you have a love of search and find games, this would be a good choice. Many people, however, do suggest playing the original game, Slender, first, just to make sure that you are well grounded.


  • Atmospheric
  • Tense and scary
  • Fun addition to the series


  • Very dark
  • A little repetitive
  • Not much replay value

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